Skin Repair Through Skin Needling Using the Dermaroller® and Dermapen™

Genuine Dermaroller and Dermapen therapy to stimulate natural skin regeneration and scar repair.

What is skin needling therapy?

Both the Dermaroller and Dermapen are devices that contain clusters of micro-surgical precision needles used to stimulate damaged skin. The tiny needles come in various sizes, on the Dermaroller rotating on a roller that is pushed across the skin, and on the Dermapen moving vertically in response to a button. They can penetrate the skin to various controlled depths, upto a maximum of 2.5mm.

This micro-needling stimulates skin regeneration and rejuvenation, and scar repair, causing the skin to produce more collagen, the skin’s basic building block. Overall, with ageing skin the stimulation of collagen production in this way results in a younger, fresher, healthier, firmer, more vibrant skin appearance. With the treatment of scars (such as those resulting from acne or psoriasis) scar healing and reduction are promoted.

Reasons to start skin needling treatment

1. Sun-damaged and ageing skin: lines, wrinkles and pigmentation;

2. Acne scars;

3. Facial and décolletage lines (the triangular region above the breasts);

4. Stretch marks (due to drastic weight changes and pregnancy).

What is involved?

A course of treatment consists of 3-5 individual treatments, depending on indications and intensity of symptoms, each 6 weeks apart. Before each treatment your face will be numbed with an anaesthetic cream. Thirty minutes later Dr Drucker will treat you with the appropriate Dermaroller (‘appropriate’ meaning selection of the correct needle size) and/or Dermapen. 

The Dermaroller is used for the treatment of general skin ageing and damage, and can be continued at home with self-application. 

The Dermapen, on the other hand, is more effective in treating pitted, scarred skin, but it can be applied only by Dr Drucker in her treatment room.

Both treatments are mildly uncomfortable, but not at all unbearable.

After the procedure the skin will be slightly red, not dissimilar to light sunburn. This will disappear within 24 hours, and you will then be able to return to your normal work and social activities.

Excess sun exposure following the treatment should be avoided. A total sunblock will be applied when the treatment is finished.

What happens after treatment?

The skin changes are not immediate. Skin collagen content increases gradually over 6 weeks following treatment. Changes include the following:

1. Improved skin appearance;

2. Tightened skin;

3. Remodelled skin;

4. Enhanced skin architecture.

No visible signs of improvement are immediately obvious, though improvement in texture and tone appears one week onwards. Improvement in pigmentation starts 3 weeks after treatment. A gradual and lasting improvement in skin quality can be observed over the following month.

For most conditions a three-treatment course is advisable, but you can have further treatments as and when you wish. However, for more serious conditions a five-treatment course is usually needed to achieve the best results.

Possible side-effects

Since skin needling stimulates a natural healing process within the body, side-effects are quite rare, especially when the treatment is given in strictly sterile conditions.

As already mentioned, redness of the treated area is normal, but will settle down within 24 hours.


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