Mesotherapy: Revitalising Tired or Ageing Skin

A treatment to firm, fill, relax, lift and generally revitalise skin.

Often known as mesolift, this mesotherapy treatment is effective in firming, filling, moisturising, relaxing and lifting skin in anyone from the age of 25 and upwards. It is mainly applied to the face, neck and body.

Treatment can start when wrinkles and/or skin sagging start to appear or are already present.

The mesotherapy injections reduce skin sagging and increase tightness and elasticity by stimulating the body’s production of skin collagen and elastin. A further set of injections of argireline, a substance with similar effects to Botulinum toxin A (Botox), then relaxes both static and dynamic expression lines.

Treatment schedule

Treatment usually needs 2-6 sessions, depending on the skin condition, provided every two weeks.

The effects of the treatment are not permanent, and as a result continued maintenance mesotherapy treatments are important. They should be considered at least once every 3-6 months.

Before treatment

After treatment

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