Mesotherapy: Skin Repair and Regeneration

A mesotherapy treatment to promote skin healing.

Mesotherapy treatments, sometimes known as meso-repair, can be used to promote skin healing in a wide range of situations where the the skin has been, or is likely to be, damaged. These include:

  • Stretch marks;
  • Acne;
  • Infection- or trauma-induced scarring;
  • Post-surgery recovery;
  • Pre-surgery preparation.

For anyone undergoing surgery, mesotherapy both before and after the surgery can be highly effective in promoting the wound-healing process.

Stretch marks in both men and women, typically a symptom of over-stretching and tearing of the connective tissue beneath the skin, can result from such events as weight gain, rapid growth, certain medications, hormonal imbalances and genetic predisposition. Meso-repair injections are highly effective in reducing such marks, though the older and more faded they are the harder they are to treat.

The treatment schedule

In general, treatment sessions take place once every two weeks, or once a week for fresh scars/stretch marks. A total of 4-6 sessions is usually required for treatment to be effective.

Between and following the treatment sessions some home care and maintenance sessions are required to maximise the results. Detailed guidance on this will be given before a course of treatment starts.

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