Mesotherapy: Treatment for Acne and Seborrhoea

A treatment for problems associated with acne and excessively oily skin.

Often called meso-purification, these treatments aim to counter the problems associated with oily skin, acne or acne-prone skin, and seborrhoea (inflammation of the skin’s sebaceous glands).

In general, the first steps in the treatment are to control secretions of sebum (the oily fluid produced by sebaceous glands), to stop infections and multiplication of bacteria, and to decrease inflammation, all typical symptoms of these skin issues.

This is followed by the mesotherapy injections, which aim to promote dermal healing and the improvement of skin quality. The most commonly treated areas are the face, neck, back and decolletage.

Treatment schedule

In general, 3-6 treatment sessions are needed, initially 1-2 weeks apart and then 3-6 weeks apart.

If necessary, additional useful complimentary treatment options will be recommended. This might include a purifying peel, given before the mesotherapy treatment, which can be ideal in enhancing the results.

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