Innovative, simple, safe and effective treatment methods to restore and repair skin quality.

Mesotherapy treatment involves targeted administration of well known and simple substances, such as vitamins and electrolytes into the skin in the form of controlled micro-injections.

Specific cocktails, either ready-made or tailored to the patient’s individual needs, are administered using a special state-of-the-art ‘meso-gun’ fitted with tiny specialised needles.

Although mesotherapy has been in use for several decades (mainly in Continental Europe), originally it was restricted to general practise and the relief of pain. However, it has gradually spread into a number of areas of medicine, including dermatology, dentistry, sports injuries and surgery, and it is now increasingly used in the field of aesthetic medicine.

In a competitive society, where everlasting health and attractive young looks are essential, mesotherapy treatment offers natural, safe, versatile and effective treatments that deliver long-term benefits. In short, mesotherapy treatment enables its recipients to optimise their general appearance without any resultant artificial look.

What mesotherapy can be used to treat

Dr Drucker uses mesotherapy treatment in two broad areas, namely aesthetic and medical. The former helps to improve your appearance and to fight the signs of ageing, while the latter covers a number of skin conditions. The treatments include:


  • Thinning head hair (technically known as alopecia) in both men and women;
  • Long-term damaged skin (such as through sunburn);
  • Acne and acne scarring.


  • Lined, wrinkled and sagging skin;
  • Lifeless and dull skin;
  • Skin stretchmarks;
  • Localised excessive fat (eg resulting in a double chin);

The treatments

Most treatments consist of micro-injections into the effected parts of the body (such as the scalp to re-stimulate hair growth), using treatment procedures with such names as mesolift, mesoglow and mesorelaxing. These injections help to firm up the skin, smoothing it out and so removing wrinkles, stretchmarks and so on. For reduction of localised fat deposits, the micro-injections induce lipolysis, almost literally dissolving the fat.

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