Medical Peels

A treatment that repairs the skin without interrupting your fast-paced lifestyle.

Medical Peel treatments offer practical, predictable, safe, effective and affordable ways to dramatically improve skin health, through the use of a range of pharmaceutical grade peel products.

Every skin type and a wide range of skin conditions can be treated, from pre-teen acne through to mature adults wanting to reverse the signs of ageing.

Three or four peel treatments, along with a programme of home skin care, can reverse sun damage, and heals hyper-pigmentation, acne, acne scarring, and ageing-induced keratosis.

The treatment process

No skin pre-conditioning is required. Treatment is virtually painless, apart from an initial skin tingling that is induced by the skin heating up, a side-effect that is short-lived.

Treatment takes about 15 minutes, and is available for the face, neck, decolletage, hands and body. The skin generally peels about three to five days later, and though such peeling is visible, downtime - that is, the time when you may feel unable to go about your normal daily life - is minimal. The positive effects of the treatment can be seen within a week.

Four medical peel formulations are available, each with slightly different but highly similar ingredients and component concentrations, each developed specifically to optimally address particular skin issues.

Before treatment

After treatment


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