Collagen-rich Nutritional Drinks

Daily drinks that restore health, elasticity and smoothness to the entire body's skin, supplied by Skinade and Totally Derma.

Skin treatment products that require no needles, anaesthetics or creams!

We supply two brands of collagen-rich nutritional drinks, called Skinade and Totally Derma, either of which - if drunk daily - can restore skin softeness, vitality and a youthful look to the entire body within as little as a month.

How collagen drinks work and what they contain

Just about all other anti-ageing skin treatments work from the outside the body, and then only on the region actually receiving treatment.

Skinade and Totally Derma, on the other hand, because they are drinks, work internally and on the entire body’s skin, acting at the tissue and cellular level to stimulate the body’s own natural collagen and hyaluronic acid synthesising processes.

They both contain a mix of nutrients, the principal one of which is collagen, formulated in a way that ensures an absorption efficiency from the gut into the blood system of about 90-95%, far above the effectiveness of many tablets, powders and other liquid medicines.

What collagen drinks are able to achieve

Nutritional drinks that act over a long period, Skinade and Totally Derma need to be taken daily for an extended period. Improvements in skin tone and structure can become apparent after as little as 30 days, with the full beneficial effects developing over a period of months of daily consumption.

When taken in this way Skinade and Totally Derma promote the development (due to increased collagen and hyaluronic acid synthesis) of a thicker skin, resulting in fewer lines and creases.

The overall following benefits can result:

  • Increased skin hydration and radiance;
  • Reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles;
  • Increased skin suppleness;
  • Healthier looking hair and nails.

How to take these collagen drinks

Skinade is supplied in ready-mixed 150ml bottles or 15ml sachets, the latter ideal for when travelling, and containing peach and mangosteen extracts as flavouring. You should drink one bottle or sachet per day, avoiding caffeine one hour before and after drinking it as this is known to decrease the absorption of some of the nutrients by the gut.

Totally Derma, on the other hand, comes as a powder that can be readily dissolved in water prior to drinking, and which has a light vanilla flavour. The powder comes in 360 g containers, equivalent to a 30-day supply.

Both Skinade and Totally Derma are stable at room temperature and do not need to be stored in the fridge.

UK Stockist

We are official UK stockists of both Skinade and Totally Derma, and can supply you immediately following your request.

Contact Dr Drucker to discuss your needs and arrange a supply.

What these drinks do NOT contain

Skinade and Totally Derma are free from hormones, added sugar, artificial flavours or colours, genetically modified organisms, and alcohol.

A word of caution

1. These collagen drinks are not intended to be a treatment for any specific illness or skin condition, but are nutritional supplements intended to promote the general health and vitality of your skin. That said, those suffering from certain skin conditions, such as eczema or psoriasis, should benefit from taking these drinks.

2. As people are endlessly variable, so the results achieved will vary from person to person.


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