Carboxy and Oxygen Therapies

Carboxy and oxygen therapies are used either singly or in combination in the treatment of a host of chronic issues, some aesthetic, others medical.

Carboxy and oxygen therapies are used to treat the following:

  • Rejuvenation of ageing skin;
  • Promotion of injury- or sore-induced wound healing;
  • Promotion of post-operation incision healing;
  • Reduction in established scar tissues (such as from acne or injuries);
  • Relief from the symptoms of arthritis and arthritis-related ailments;
  • Reduction in tendinitis (eg tennis elbow);
  • Improvement to restricted blood flow;
  • Healing in a variety of sports injuries;
  • Reversal of poor sexual function and libido;
  • Reversal of hair-loss;
  • Reduction in restless and heavy legs;
  • Reduction and removal of fat deposits;
  • Removal of dark eye-circles.

Plus many more conditions.

What are carboxy and oxygen therapies?

The carboxy and oxygen therapies are natural treatment processes (after all, we’re composed largely of carbon and oxygen ourselves), delivered in a gentle, non-invasive way. They aim to provide long-term improvements to a range of chronic conditions that traditional medical techniques struggle to manage successfully.

Carboxy treatment consists of repeated tiny injections of carbon dioxide directly into the skin around the area(s) to be treated.

In oxygen treatment, pure oxygen is delivered right up to the skin surface by an applicator, with no need for injections. In this therapy numerous treatment reagents, such as are used widely in mesotherapy can be delivered simultaneously with the oxygen, greatly promoting treatment. The oxygen therapy can also be combined with dermarolling, when it is usually called oxyneedling.

Dr Berlinde Drucker is the first, and so far only medical practitioner in southwest England to introduce these treatments.

The effects of carboxy and oxygen treatments

The effect of both the carboxy and oxygen therapies is to stimulate blood flow to the treated area, particularly the skin, improving oxygenation and hence vitality.

Over time, this will lead to the repair of damaged tissue, such as scars, wounds and tendons.

Clearly, just one treatment will bring about only a brief improvement, but repeated therapies over a period can bring about long-term, possibly permanent improvements and healing.

Origins of carboxy and oxygen therapy

Long-established in continental Europe but only now starting to reach the UK, carboxy and oxygen therapies came about originally from recognition that many chronic ailments could be helped by bathing in carbon dioxide-rich mineral waters (hence the popularity of spa tourism).

Today, the effectiveness of such traditional treatments can be greatly enhanced by the use of equipment specifically developed to deliver pure carbon dioxide and/or oxygen into the skin in highly controlled ways (such as flow rate, pressure and temperature).

Recently, oxygen treatment has been used to huge effect in speeding up the recovery of top sportsmen from their injuries, often using hugely expensive and not easily available equipment. Now, however, highly developed and portable equipment has been developed that is now bringing, for the first time, such treatments to the general public.

Dr Berlinde Drucker is the first, and so far only medical practitioner to introduce this equipment and hence the carboxy and oxygen therapies into southwest England.


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