Bioremodelling with Collagen Injections

Injection of collagen or hyaluronic acid to restore skin vitality and youthfulness.

Bioremodelling is an exciting new treatment process that boosts the skin's own natural ability to make collagen and elastin, two of the most important components in a healthy, youthful skin.

Bioremodelling consisting of a series of injections into the skin area to be treated; usually the face, neck and decolletage, though also the hands, upper arms and the backs of the legs.

To do this, we have a choice of two products: Nithya and Profhilo.


Nithya itself consists of type I collagen (a crucial structural component of almost all body tissues). It acts not only by providing collagen directly to the skin but also by promoting the body's own natural production of collagen and elastin.


Profhilo does not contain any collagen but instead consists of a special hyaluronic acid formulation that after injection will stimulate the skin to make new collagen and elastin of its own.

Please note that Profhilo is NOT a dermal filler, even though it consists of hyaluronic acid, just as most dermal fillers do.

How Nithya and Profhilo work

Virtually pain-free and without any complications or side-effects, both treatments stimulate:

1) Proliferation of fibroblasts (a type of tissue cell in the skin);

2) Production by those fibroblasts of new type III collagen and elastin, which together create a new tissue matrix within the skin;

3) Development of new intra-dermal blood vessels, improving blood flow to the affected skin areas;

4) Profhilo also has an initial post-injection effect of drawing in water to the affected skin, plumping it up and smoothing it.

The result is a newly revitalised, more youthful skin, with far fewer wrinkles and creases.

The bioremodelling treatment process

Treatment with either Nithya or Profhilo consists of several small injections to the area of skin to be treated.

The programme differs slightly for the two products:

Nithya treatment consists of three injection sessions, each about two weeks apart;

Profhilo treatment consists of two injection sessions, each about one month apart, though a third session can be added about two months after the second, if needed.

In both, because the body's own natural production processes have to be stimulated, the full results take a few weeks to start to become apparent.

Neither treatment is permanent. Nithya treatment needs to be repeated every year (though occasionally more frequently), and Profhilo every 6-9 months for the effects to be maintained.

A small amount of soreness and redness around the injection sites is possible immediately following the injections, but this is usually very short-lived.

How do Nithya and Profhilo treatments differ from Botulinum toxin A ('Botox') or dermal fillers?

Botox acts by paralysing subcutaneous muscles, making it harder to frown and thus create wrinkles, and fillers work by literally just filling in the creases.

Nithya and Profhilo, on the other hand, stimulate the body to produce its own natural structural components, improving the general health and structure of the skin within the treated area, resulting in a naturally more youthful appearance.

Furthermore, Nithya’s effects are much longer lasting than those of Botulinum toxin A ('Botox') or dermal fillers, meaning that treatment does not have to be repeated as frequently.

Before treatment

After treatment


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