Bio-identical Hormone Therapy

Our treatment schedule.

Before you can start on bio-identical hormone therapy you must first have a detailed consultation with me (ie Dr Drucker), which will go through your medical history. If, as a result of this consultation, it appears likely that this therapy is right for you then I will collect a blood sample from you, which will be sent to a specialised laboratory for measurement of a number of factors, such as various important male and/or female hormone levels.

The results of the blood tests are analysed by me, and, based on these results and your medical history, I will decide what kind of hormone treatment you need. You will then start this treatment, and provided it is right for you it will continue indefinitely, although it may prove necessary to alter the treatment slightly as a result of findings at the regular follow-up reviews.

Please note that it is a legal requirement for all men and women undergoing bio-identical hormone therapy to have an annual check-up with their doctor before medication can continue.

Below is an illustrative treatment schedule. Whilst many of our patients follow this pattern, individual needs will dictate your particular programme.

Initial Consultation

45 minutes

I will spend time understanding your medical history and any symptoms, making an initial assessment of your condition. If it seems likely that bio-identical hormone therapy is appropriate for you then I will collect a small sample of blood from you for tests to be carried out.

First Follow-up Appointment

15-30 minutes

A week or two later I will phone you to arrange the first follow-up appointment. During this meeting we will review your test results, I will give advice on how you can manage any symptoms you may have, and I will order your bespoke prescriptions.

I will send your prescription to a specialist pharmacy, who will quality check the prescription. You must then phone the pharmacy to arrange for delivery and to make payment. The prescription will then be sent to you using whatever postal or courier means you choose (and have paid for).

Depending on the type and number of medications that are needed for you, each hormone medication usually averages £1-£3 per day, and lasts an average of three months, subject to dosage. Prices vary because we offer personalised formulations rather than ready-made products.

Whenever you see that your medications are running low, IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to contact me to arrange for a repeat prescription. If a follow-up appointment is due at this time then the repeat prescription can be put together then. Otherwise, it can be organised over the phone.

Second Follow-up Appointment

30 minutes

About 10 weeks later, you will have a second follow-up appointment during which I will review your progress with the prescribed medication. This appointment may involve repeat blood tests of specific hormones that were at sub-optimal levels in the initial tests. Any necessary adjustments to your prescription will be made at this point.

Third Follow-up Appointment

30 minutes

Six months later, you will again return for a progress review. Further tests may be required; otherwise repeat prescriptions will be issued where necessary.

Regular reviews

Every 6-12 months we ask that you return to see me for a review of your symptoms and medication. Please note that it is a legal requirement that we see patients on at least an annual basis if we are to continue prescribing medication.

At each review, if you are feeling perfectly well on your existing treatment, and if I can see no problems then no repeat blood tests will be needed. If additional blood tests are needed, the results will analysed by me, and I will make any necessary changes to your medication as indicated.

Whilst the above is illustrative of the typical treatment schedule and many patients will follow this pattern, individual needs may dictate variations to this.

Considerable attention and research has been done and is on-going, in order to safeguard the safety of bio-identical hormone treatments. Our only goal is to improve quality of life.

What you need to pay for

Since bio-identical hormone therapy is not available on the NHS, every stage of this process does need to be paid for by the patient. These are:

  • The initial consultation (pay to me)
  • The initial blood tests (pay to me)
  • The initial prescription (pay to the pharmacy)
  • Follow-up consultations and regular reviews (pay to me)
  • Any further blood tests required (pay to me)
  • Arrangement of repeat prescriptions over the phone (pay to me)
  • Repeat prescriptions (pay to pharmacy)
  • Emergency phone calls or additional consultations (pay to me)

Prices for bio-identical hormone treatment


Initial consultation (45 minutes)
Follow-up consultation (30 minutes)
Follow-up consultation (15 minutes)

Blood tests

Thyroid profileFrom £90
Measurement of male or female hormone levelsFrom £295


The cost of each prescription is specific for each patient, depending on the medications included. Typical costs come to between £1 and £3 per day.


Repeat prescription without an appointment£25
Emergency phone call£25


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