Terms and Conditions

1. All treatments are arranged through an advance appointment system only.

2. The price list given on this website is a basic guide, and may be varied according to any personal tailoring of treatment programmes that may be needed or requested, or according to changes in any costs. Prices may be changed at any time without notice.

3. During an initial pre-treatment consultation you must agree to your medical history being taken, before a treatment strategy is discussed and planned. New patients will always need an initial consultation, but those returning for further treatment programmes may not need a consultation.

4. For an initial consultation a fee of £60 is charged, deductible against the cost of any treatment subsequently undertaken. If you opt for no treatment, the consultation fee is non-refundable.

5. Unless otherwise agreed with Dr Drucker, a minimum of 30% of all treatment fees (minus the consultation fee) must be paid in advance as a deposit before any treatment is given.

6. Unless otherwise agreed with Dr Drucker, the remainder of the treatment fee must be paid before or at the end of treatment, or at the end of the first treatment session if there is to be more than one session.

7. If your treatment involves you purchasing any products, these must be paid for in advance, before you take them away. You will not be allowed to take any products away from the treatment room until you have paid for them in full.

8. You are responsible for making all payments to Dr Drucker on time and in full, otherwise treatment may be refused until any outstanding payment is made. Please make sure you have sufficient funds to pay for your treatment(s) before you start.

9. All payments must be by cash, BACS transfer, cheque or PayPal (using a credit or debit card). Please be sure that you’re able to make payment at the time of your appointment. PayPal and BACS payments can be made using an i-pad or computer in the treatment room during your appointment. If you wish to pay by BACS we will let you have our bank account details.

10. We appreciate that patients cannot always keep their appointments. If you ever find it necessary to rearrange an appointment, please give as much notice as possible. Due to the costs we incur, any no-show or cancellation of an appointment less than 48 hours in advance will result in the consultation fee and deposit being forfeited. At her own discretion and depending on circumstances, Dr Drucker may vary this stipulation, provided that an alternative appointment is made and then kept as soon as possible after the cancellation/no-show.

11. Follow-up is an integral part of all Dr Drucker’s treatments, especially as most of her treatments do not have instantaneous results but may develop over a period of days or even weeks following treatment. When you decide to have any treatment from her you also consent to her contacting you following treatment to check that you are well and that the effects of the treatment are progressing well and according to plan. Such follow-up may involve her contacting you by telephone, text or e-mail on several occasions. This is for your own well-being, reassurance and assessment of treatment progress and success.


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