At Hebe Medical we take your privacy very seriously. Inevitably, in providing you with medical advice, treatments and treatment follow-ups we gain information about you, which we retain on our files. 

All your personal and medical information is confidential and is used solely by Dr Drucker to provide you with the best treatment care possible, and to ensure both your long-term well-being and safety, as well as compliance with health care regulations and best medical practises as stipulated by the General Medical Council.

Our medical records are stored in paper form at our office, and are never placed on any computer. 

If you have agreed to receive our regular e-mail newsletter your name and e-mail address will have been placed with Mailchimp, our selected automated e-mailing service. They are committed to keeping these details safe, and will never be passed to any other party. No other personal or medical records have been given to Mailchimp or any other party, nor will they ever be.

You are welcome to inspect the data we hold on you at any time, and also to inspect how we store it. You may also unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time.

As a patient of Dr Drucker, you cannot unsubscribe from being contacted by her, as pre- and post-treatment consultations are an integral part of any treatment you receive, and are therefore a requirement.


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