Our Standard Prices

Please note that prices can change at any time without notice. Prices listed here may only be a guide.

Initial treatment consultation

Carried out at the first meeting prior to any treatment (aesthetic or BHRT), to establish medical history and treatment options: 

The consultation fee for all AESTHETC treatments is £80, payable in advance, but deducted from the cost of any subsequent treatment. 

For BHRT treatments, see below for consultation fees.

Bio-identical hormone treatment


Initial consultation ( upto 2 hrs)
Follow-up consultation (approx 45 mins)

Please note that the above consultation fees do not include the cost of blood tests. These costs are shown below.

Blood tests

Thyroid profile£157
Measurement of male or female hormone levels£325


The cost of each prescription is specific for each patient, depending on the medications included. Typical costs come to between £2 and £3.20 per day.


Dr Drucker charges a prescription fee of £50 per prescription.

Phone conversations to give support, advice, guidance and instructions are FREE, provided their frequency and duration are kept within reason.

Skin-smoothing treatments

Prices depend on product range selected, indication, area(s) treated and number of syringes required :

Standard & Appropriate Areas for Treatment with dermal fillers

  • Vermilion Border – the upper edge of the lip, to prevent lipstick ‘bleeding’ spreading into lines above or under the lips, and to redefine shape of the lips & body of the lips;
  • Naso-labial lines & folds – extending laterally from the nose down to the side of the mouth also called smile lines;
  • Marionette Lines – from the corners and sides  of the mouth down to the chin;
  • Peri-oral Lines – around the mouth, also known as smoker’s lines.

Other dermal filler areas:

  • Cheeks (volume)
  • Neck and décolletage

The amount of dermal filler needed will be discussed during the consultation. The amount needed varies from person to person and is dependent on the depth of the line, wrinkle or fold. As a general guide, lip treatments require 1-2ml of dermal filler, and cheeks require a minimum of 2ml.

Prices for the cheeks start at £395 per treatment, depending on the amount of filler required, and at £450 for the neck and decolletage. This will be discussed and agreed at your initial pre-treatment consultation.

Skin needling treatments


3-5 sessions are needed at 4-week intervals to optimise results depending on skin condition and issues.

Prices per session depend on surface area, type, size and number of sterile single-use roller devices and products used; includes post-treatment care.

For a course of 3-5 sessions there is a 10% discount on the above single session prices.

Face, neck and decolletage£420
StretchmarksFrom £350, depending on surface area to be treated


For a single one-off session: £420

If 4-6 sessions are taken at 6-week intervals (this is needed to optimise results): £350 per session.

Hyperhidrosis treatment

Both armpits£450

Results last approx 6-12 months depending on location.

Chronic migraine headache treatment

Treatment with two vials:  £440

Medical chemical peels

Medical chemical peel range:  1-4 sessions are needed depending on skin condition.

Each session costs from £290 up to £450, depending on the peel grade used.

Mesotherapy & biorevitalisation for aesthetic and medical conditions

Because all treatments are closely tailored to each individual patient's needs and the condition(s) to be treated, it is hard to give exact prices for each treatment. The exact course of treatment and the agents to be used will be discussed and agreed at the initial consultation, and from this the final price will be worked out.

As a guide, we have four grades of treatment, with prices increasing according to the number of treatment agents included in the cocktails:

Treatment levelNo of agents used
Bronze levelup to 2£225-265
Silver level3£295
Gold level4£345
Platinum level5£395

Fat removal and slimming mesotherapy£365 and upwards per session.

Mesotherapy lift and firming if provided as part of the fat removal treatment: £225 per session in addition to the fat removal charges.

Hair restoration (Meso-hair): £190-255 per session, depending on level of treatment required.

Skin repair (Meso-repair): £270 an upwards, depending on the surfaces to be treated. For 4-6 sessions planned and agreed in advance: £250 and upwards per session.

Skin purification (Meso-purification): £190-255 per session.

Skin revitalisation (Mesolift): £225 and upwards for facial treatment. £250 and upwards for facial and neck treatment.

Profhilo bioremodelling

£450 per treatment session, or if paid in full in advance £1200 for three treatment sessions.

Totally Derma collagen drinks

£98 for each 30-day supply.


Please note that prices can change at any time without notice. Prices listed here may only be a guide.


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