About Dr Drucker

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About Dr Drucker

Dr Berlinde Drucker MD is an anaesthesiologist as well as a medical aesthetics and bio-identical hormone therapies specialist. As a medical practitioner in the UK, she is inevitably registered with the General Medical Council (GMC). She is also a Life Member of the Royal Society of Medicine, plus a Member of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine, the British College of Aesthetic Medicine, the British Menopause Society and the British Medical Association.

As a highly experienced medical doctor, trained in Belgium and France, and who originally specialised in anaesthesiology (including neuro-, cardiac, neonatal and paediatric anaesthesiology), intensive care and emergency medicine, Dr Drucker has a wide experience in all aspects of both clinical and general medicine. Furthermore, she has also been the head of several research teams, and has been involved in worldwide clinical trials and drug development programmes for several companies in the USA, Europe, India, China and the UK.

She now works in the fields of bio-identical hormone therapy for men and women, and non-surgical aesthetic medicine.

Dr Drucker brings to these fields not only her own personal compassion, care and commitment to professional ethics, but also a huge wealth of knowledge in patient assessment, interaction, diagnosis, pain control, patient hormonal imbalance assessment, treatment planning and execution, and conscientious follow-up.

Treatment venues

Dr Drucker provides treatments at a number of venues. Take your pick as to which is the most convenient for you.

Bishopsteignton, Teignmouth, south Devon

Dr Drucker provides most of her treatments at her main Hebe Medical venue, which is her own home treatment room. This is a relaxing and informal environment, where you'll see no white coats are sterile-looking rooms, but instead a homely setting, with views over a luxuriant, verdant garden, a perfect place to put your mind and concerns at ease.

Ruby and Dolly, in Reigate, Surrey

Away from England's southwest, Dr Drucker also regularly provides both aesthetic and bio-identical hormone therapies at the Ruby and Dolly beauty treatment centre in Horley, close to Gatwick, in Surrey, southeast England.


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