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Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Feeling very middle-aged, constantly under the weather, tired, and a bit negative? Thinking ‘this must be my hormones’?

Dr Drucker is now offering a new hormone replacement therapy that may help restore your balance and energy levels.

  • Helps people through the ageing process
  • Available for women & men
  • Uses hormones identical to those in the body
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Medical Aesthetic Treatments

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Dr Drucker

About Dr Drucker

Dr Drucker is a hugely experienced medical practitioner, registered with the General Medical Council, and a member of the British College of Aesthetic Medicine

  • Dr Drucker has a vast experience as a medical practitioner, deeply involved with aesthetic medicine.
  • She has a unique approach, borne of her highly personable and friendly nature, quite informal and relaxed.
  • Her treatments are tailored to each individual; their body size, shape, structure etc.
  • Most treatments are provided at her home treatment rooms. Here you’ll find no white walls, but instead homely and relaxing colours, with a wonderful view across a verdant garden, privacy ensured by surrounding trees and bushes.
  • If treatments normally make you nervous, this environment will relax you and make the whole event a very friendly and positive occasion.
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